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Press for a Glorious Fringe

Press for a Glorious Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe is over for another year and the critics loved the Glorious Acts.


"This is a show that makes being in the blistering heat of the Pleasance Grand and likeable" The Scotsman

"Enjoyable, well performed and most importantly, hilarious." **** Three Weeks

"With a joyfully daft opening and a warm and wonderful end, he will leave you wrapped in good feelings" **** The Skinny

"Amos is clearly a force field of good-hearted charisma" The List

"Stephen K Amos was on top of his, quick and unapologetic" Ed Fest Mag

"He has the air of a champion boxer about him, the utter confidence that comes from practice and seasoning. This is, of course, irresistibly powerful... There is something almost 'un-Fringe' about a polished show, the performer not having to scrap like a rabid dog to feel in control; but when a comedian is this solid, this consistent, this enjoyable; I couldn't actually give a toss" Fresh Air FM

"Stephen K Amos is as integral to Edinburgh Fringe as hangovers and poor weather, but for sure he is far more enjoyable. Now playing in the biggest space on the Fringe and regularly selling it out Amos is certainly one of the most popular comedians here this month" **** One4Review


"Nichol dominated with his menacing stare and hardman walk...A tense enthralling 90 minutes" ***** The Herald

"Nichol and his fellow cast members...rise to the challenge, delivering a show that's as good as anything the company has produced since its impressive 2006 Fringe debut, Talk Radio." **** The List

"The cast are a joy to watch, spot-on interpretation and clearly happy to play ensemble, as the piece demands." **** Edinburgh Guide

"Gregory Burke's tale of ideology gone violently wrong in the hands of hopeless men is brought to life by the excellent directing of Maggie Inchley, and by the superb acting of comedians Phil Nichol, Will Andrews, Jim Muir and Bruce Morton" **** The Skinny

"Only Phil Nichol is consistently in character and loud enough. His Eddie is a force to be both amazed by and feared, and it is one of the best performances I've seen in the Festival thus far" Onstagescotland


"Let me attempt to tell youu just how close to comedy genius this guy gets. For those of you that have never seen Nichol before, I weep for you, but you have a treat in store. For those who have, then prepare for a revelation on the level of finding out there is no Santa... This show is breathtakingly accomplished... Year after year Nichol brings passionate, high-octane, searingly honest comedy to Edinburgh. And those lucky enough to see him get an experience they will never forget... Beyond brilliant" ***** Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

"One of the most accomplished and unpredictable performers in the UK, Nichol continues to defy and dispel type-casting in equal measure, and the opportunity to see one of the Fringe's golden boys in a different light, is one certainly not to be missed."

"Not so much a standup as a walking bipolar disorder, he's at his funniest here... Nichol's mutlifaceted career has aquired yet another lease of life" **** The Guardian

"Riotously funny" **** Sunday Telegraph

"Impossibly effervescent... Brutally funny observations" **** The Herald

"hilarious verse, riotous song and priceless one-liners... The laughs come thick and fast throughout, aided and abetted by a string of one-liners so depraved Jerry Sadowitz would think twice before using them - but so good he'd never pass them up" ***** The List

"At moments I laughed so hard I managed to snort drink out of my nose" The Observer

"No one is as intense as Nichol in full effect: screaming about the stage, all decorum sacrificed in the vigorously animated hunt for laughs, that always bears fruit thanks to the sheer force of performance"  Chortle

"The ubiquitous Phil Nichol's new show sees him enter the Stand's tiny stage in the guise of the white-suited, purple-shirted Bobby Spade...Whatever Bobby Spade's influences might be, putting such a deliberately and artificially polished veneer over Nichol's raw material makes Spade a highly palatable persona. With fine tuned backing from his band Ghost, Bobby Spade is rude, crude and edgy to watch - another feather in Nichol's perennially overburdened Fringe cap." **** Metro

"The man in white is guaranteed to thrill, spill and cause offence...cripplingly funny" **** Three Weeks


"Raucous, anarchic and hugely entertaining" **** The Times

"Set to be a Fringe hit thanks to inspired bit of casting... Stephen K Amos wirks his periwig to the max... A romping good crowd-pleaser." ***** Sunday Telegraph

"Sumptuous, luscious, and slapstick, it delighted its audience throughout...Paul Foot and Phil Nichol stole the show" Observer

"An all-star cast including Lionel Blair, Marcus Brigstocke and Stephen K Amos come up trumps in this perennial stage favourite" News of the World

"this show is about direct audience address, ridiculous body language and shameless ad-libbing, and duly harvests the laughs" Scotland On Sunday

"Real theatrical fireworks...this is a rip-roaring romp. People who don't normally go to the theatre should be urged to go along to see this because it's a great example of the fun and exhilaration to be experienced watching staged drama and the cast are clearly having an absolute ball doing it.  With a couple of sell-out shows behind them, tickets for this show look set to fly out of the box office. It is a fantastic way to spend 90 minutes of your afternoon and is quite simply not to be missed." ***** The Mirror

"Obviously a show with West End potential" Scotsman

"Deliciously infectious... you'll laugh out loud" **** Fest

"This is what the Fringe is about - an ensemble cast of comedians and tap dancers (OK, one tap dancer) in a riotous 18th-century romp. Plucking comics such as Stephen K Amos, Marcus Brigstock and Phil Nichol from their own shows, director Cal McCrystal has adapted RB Sheridan's five-act comedy of manners into a dizzying 90 minutes" **** The Metro

"This play is a riot...The camaraderie amongst the cast is extended to the audeince, drawing them in to the scandal and the energy on set with an infectious sense of fun" ***** Ed Fest Mag


"A strong, very smoothly delivered set... destined for a bigger stage" **** The List

"Fabbri delivers the material perfectly... the material is tight and consistently funny... A perfect way to round off a day at the Fringe." ****

"This year Fabbri has constructed a decent, well-thought out set packed full of ideas and intelligent thoughts... and Fabbri has a natural comic timing... good things lie ahead." Fest

"Inventive, off-kilter routines" Chortle

"Though it is a slow-burner, this does at least serve to highlight the great moments when Fabbri does suddenly deliver a swift, hilarious punch-line. It's reminiscent of Simon Munnery, and though not as daring as he, there is a sense of warmth and reliability about Fabbri that suggests he cares more a lot more about comedy and crucially, consistency." Ed Fest Mag


"Carlin's humour is oblique and angular, looking as though every line is being chewed over, but it is the audience who must take time to properly digest it.  Belly laughs ensue the minute that happens... the arrival of a new comedy original" ***** The Herald

"Stephen Carlin has a great comedy presence and a wonderful, dry delivery... perfectly observed... painfully funny... this was a terrific set from an accomplished performer." The Scotsman

"Stephen Carlin has always had an intriguingly different voice...his greatest routines are things of strange beauty... The routines still tend towards the surreal, but are underpinned with solid comedy ideas and a realization that you still need punchlines, even if you don't flag them as such" Chortle

"Fierce invention" The List

"His set is infinitely polished: every punchline is delivered with impeccable timing and pitch. It's rare you find a comedian at Carlin's level who exudes such an air of knowing what he's doing... for God's sake, don't miss him next year"  The Skinny

"Carlin has developed an impressively dour delivery; a hangdog resistance to modern life that makes him a pleasure to watch" The Metro


"Marx is clearly a top-drawer writer, combining intelligent comment with teasingly edgy wit... the hour moves with seamless ease from the puerile to the political, from the whimsical to the sick, and always with cheeky charm and powerful punchlines" **** Chortle

"Carey Marx is a criminally overlooked comedian. He's an extraordinarily talented stand-up who reaches into the genre's darkest corners with a tickling stick.  Delivering his black thoughts with a cheeky smile, he is an endearing host and only those who want to be offended by what he's got to say will be offended by what he's got to say. The rest will be in stitches....he makes the world a better place.  **** Metro

"Utterly brilliant" **** The Skinny


"poetic, clever and joyfully freewheeling, performed by a man with more ridiculous ideas than an entire year's worth of Dragon's Den... Southern is not an act to experience without your wits close by, it would be rather like trying to play Bop It while stoned, but if you've got the stamina, he's certainly got the goods." **** Chortle


Featured in The Independents 'Best Jokes of the Fringe article 15th Aug 2009

"A well thought out set, and some genuinely funny material on a variety of subjects, and like his compatriots I can forsee no reason why he cannot go on to bigger and better things" **** One4Review


"A free showcase of some of the stand-up circuit's most promising new acts, this is principally Sean Walsh and Paul McCaffrey's hour. Rearranging the furniture to his liking, Walsh made plenty from apparently mundane trains of thought, observational material on bumping your head or tripping in the street, elevated by his acute insights into human nature... The care in his writing belies a shambling appearance.
McCaffrey seems like he's been performing for years, with an assured delivery that affords his suffering of RAF recruitment and Australian tourist board commercials a conviction the might not otherwise merit. Elsewhere, though, he presents a very funny, literal interpretation of cashpoint ettiquette." The Scotsman

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