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Reviews at the Fringe!

Reviews at the Fringe!

Glorious Management collects reviews throughout Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. 

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Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer Heroes @ The Hive 16:20

Nominee for Barry Awards 2015, Best Show


"A visionary piece of genre-fusing theatre that defies sentimentality." The Stage ****

"Searingly honest yet brutally funny" To Do List ****

"She [Beth Vyse] makes a good fist of putting silliness into the story while being respectful to a sensitive issue that affects so many others... Holding all this together is quite the task, and Vyse has the verve, charisma and honesty when it’s needed to get the job done." Chortle

"She [Beth] is an enormously likeable character with an important tale to tell." Veronica Lee for The Arts Desk

The List

"This is a powerful show tackling a life-changing subject and it does it very well." Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke

"A celebration of levity in the face of adversity." Fest

"Vyse has brought her experiences so vividly to life it’s difficult not to wish to hear more." The Skinny ****

"A powerhouse of high energy and emotion from start to finish...This performance appears to be exceptionally cathartic for both performer and audience. It was a privilege to be part of it." Bunbury Magazine *****

ThreeWeeks ****

Rhys James: Remains @ Pleasance Courtyard 16:45

EdFest give Rhys James​ *****

"Seriously gifted" TVBomb ****

Time Out ****

Number One Joke for: The Guardian: Top 10 Jokes Of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"his accomplishments as a writer and performer make him stand out from the crowd." Veronica Lee for The Arts Desk ****

"Has star-in-waiting running through him like Blackpool runs through a stick of rock... If you want guaranteed laughs look no further" Bruce Dessau for Beyond The Joke ****

"Witty, topical, clever and undoubtedly one to watch." The Public Reviews

"Rhys is well known for being the funniest man on Twitter, but that sells short the fact that he is a frighteningly good standup comedian, at frighteningly young age... I think he could be really huge." Doc Brown for The Guardian

"A very cleverly crafted act, James does a fantastic job at presenting a multi-faceted persona... Remains is a show that operates on as many levels as you have the energy for... Remarkable performance. Remains is a show that rewards attention." Broadway Baby ****

Phil Nichol: I Don't Want To Talk About It @ The Stand 21:30


"Phil Nichol is a showman, he demolishes the forth wall, he has a style of delivery that is unique and would be ridiculous if tried by anyone else, but he also has material, very funny material... Do go see it, it’ll be a night you’ll never forget." One4Review ****

"Undoubtedly one of the feel-good happenings of the entire Fringe." HeraldScotland

"He is fantastically skillful with his comedy, extracting huge laughs from the tiniest of things at a rate of knots." Broadway Baby *****

The Fest *****

"Ensures the audience has a good time." Chortle ****

"One of the most talented and energetic stand-ups in the business." S-C Magazine ****

"His joyous pursuit of chaos is as physical as it is intellectual... Phil Nichol is on a mission to entertain us to within an inch of our lives. He’s succeeding." for The Scotsman, *****

"Phil Nichol is comedic dynamite, exploding on stage from start to finish." EdFest *****

Phil Nichol: Angel In The Abattoir @ Gilded Balloon 12:00

"Phil Nichol sensitively manoeuvres his way through the character's transition from light-heartedness to despair and the audience's unexpected journey from comedy to tragedy." The Theatre Guide ****

Phil Nichol: Giant Leap @ The Pleasance 13:50

"Definitely worth a watch." EdFest ****

"Viciously amusing" The Telegraph ****

Lloyd Griffith: Great Grimsby's Big Turn On @ The Pleasance 20:30

ThreeWeeks ****

Tom Toal in Sunshine on Bexleyheath @ The Pleasance 20:30

"It’s completely impossible not to enjoy an hour in his company... I strongly recommend taking the time to watch him now." Punchline

"Engaging" DarkChat 7.5/10

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