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Glorious Press Item

Glorious Press Item

The best of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 Glorious press so far.

EastEnd Cabaret: Sexual Tension Underbelly, Bristo Square 20:00


ThreeWeeks, ★★★★★:

Terrifically catchy.


Broadway Baby, ★★★★:


A thoroughly joyous hour.

Thoroughly engrossing.


The Telegraph, ★★★★:


The Telegraph, ★★★★:


This is Cabaret:

"The songs are hilarious, the character comedy pitch-perfect.”


ATG Tickets:

Perversion has never been so playful. 


The List:

East End Cabaret is titillating, thrilling and, at times, faultless.

This was a personality fuelled cabaret of highest class. With wagging marigolds, flying popcorn and plenty of gin. Im sure East End Cabaret will remain one of my Edinburgh highlights.


The List, ★★★★:

The London-based duo put contemporary cabaret into its best gear.


Rhys James: Begins Pleasance Courtyard 16:45

Beyond the Joke, ★★★★:

There has been a bit of a buzz about Rhys James in the first week of the Fringe. His debut hour, entitled Begins, feels pretty close to being just right for Edinburgh. It is a conventional stand-up set about conventional subject matter, but with enough bells and whistles to make it stand out in an increasingly crowded market with gags as good as his he doesnt need a gimmick.



Chortle, ★★★★:

"This is an accomplished hour that surely will at least be considered for a newcomer nomination."


London is Funny:

Its a promising debut from this precocious young gagsmith with a bright future ahead. 


Such Small Portions: Edinburgh picks 2014 Debut Hours:

Probably the most reliable gagsmith on Twitter.


The Independent Review, ★★★★:

"This is an accomplished debut from a talented performer."



Joe Wells: Night of the Living Tories Viva Mexico 12:00

Broadway Baby, ★★★★:

This show is accessible for the political novice. 


Wells ability to both deal with sophisticated political dialogue without losing outsiders along the way is a testament to his skills as a comic.


This is a cheeky, intelligent and well crafted hour of political comedy with punch. 


EdFringe, ★★★:

He brought to life the dark past (and present) of the Tory party with humour.


I found myself hanging on to his every word.


Theatre Reviews, ★★★★.


London is Funny:

A very talented fellow. 



Nathaniel Metcalfe: Trivial Pursuits Cabaret Voltaire 14:35


The List:

Clever, deconstructivist stand-up comedy.



Tom Toal: Prequel Cabaret Voltaire 14:35


EdFest Mag, ★★★:

When a comedian has every member of a crowd bouncing up and down and wholeheartedly chanting along as though they were at a football match, you know they have the charisma to pull off a stunning performance!


Broadway Baby:

Frolicsome and poignant stand-up.


Shortcom, ★★★★:

You might find yourself taking a paracetemol to kill the pain in your jawline afterwards.


Punchline Guide, Recommendation:



Short & Curly: Who Dunnit? Ciao Roma 15.20


Such Small Portions:

well-attuned fun.


Lloyd Griffith: Voice of an Angel, Body of a Trucker Pleasance Courtyard 19:15


Broadway Baby, ★★★:

An easy-going fun hour.


ThreeWeeks, ★★★★:

His sense of fun is infectious, his singing voice faultless and his anecdotes are told with boundless confidence.


The List:

An infectiously affable nature and the ability to spin a great yarn.



Paul F Taylor: The Incredible Paul F Taylor Cabaret Voltaire 20:50


Broadway Baby, ★★★★:

Theatrically interesting in the most accessible of ways.

Incredibly funny.

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