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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now ON SALE!


Check out our list of fantastic acts performing at this year’s festival...


Joe Wells: Night of the Living Tories

Viva Mexico, 12:00 02 – 23 Aug

When there's no room left in Hell, the Conservative party will walk the Earth! Critically acclaimed stand-up comedian Joe Wells (Alexei Sayle tour support, No Pressure To Be Funny podcast, Amnesty International's Human TV) digs up the grisly past of the Tory party. Sell-out show Brighton Fringe 2013 and Leicester Comedy Festival 2014.

‘Some of the most surprising and thought-provoking material coming from any comedian in his early 20s’ (Guardian).

‘A skilled jokesmith who threads great gags through intelligent political material’ (

Warning: this show contains graphic descriptions of Michael Gove


Lucy Porter: Me Time

Stand One, 12:50 31 Jul - 10 Aug

The 10th solo show from this Fringe favourite, familiar from radio (The Unbelievable Truth) and TV (Mock the Week, HIGNFY). Finding modern life a bit difficult? Maybe you were born in the wrong era. In this show Lucy tries to find her rightful place in history. She ponders whether she’d rather be a be-whiskered Victorian explorer, a 1920s Hollywood starlet or Hatshepsut the Egyptian pharaoh.

‘Deliciously cutting’ (Independent ).

‘A witty, thoughtful show delivered with winning ease and bucket-loads of charm’ (List). ‘Impeccably punch-lined anecdotes ... genuinely delightful’ (Telegraph).

Limited two-week run – book early


Nathaniel Metcalfe: Trivial Pursuits

Cabaret Voltaire, 14:35 02 – 23 Aug (not 13th)
More amusing meanderings from the star of BBC Radio 4’s James Acaster’s Findings (not James Acaster), Radio 4 Extra’s Fresh From The Fringe, and 2013’s Amused Moose Laughter Awards Top Ten Shows. 

‘Impressive’ (Scotsman). ‘Delightfully silly’ (Time Out). 

‘The potential is excitingly evident’ (Metro).

‘There’s a touch of the Stewart Lee about his delivery… but it’s Lee on ecstasy. A friendly, jovial enthusiastic fellow’ (

‘Storytelling at its finest… His Sugar Puffs/Honey Monster comment is the stuff of dreams’ **** (List).

**** (Three Weeks). ‘Original and hilarious’ (Josh Widdicombe).

‘Brilliant, unusual and very funny’ (Josie Long)


Tom Toal: Prequel

Cabaret Voltaire, 14:35 02 – 23 Aug (not 11th)

Prequel is a frolicsome and poignant stand-up show from hotly tipped lovely lad Tom Toal (Eye Spy, Channel 4). A show full of quirky gags, memorable stories and a miracle that not even the T-Dawg could have foreseen.

‘Funny and touching ... humour from the heart’ (ThreeWeeks).

‘One of the most promising of today’s emerging comics’ (Steve Bennett,

Runner up Loaded LAFTA’s Search for a Star.

‘Toal’s ease of interacting with the audience is a true talent’ (

Pleasance Comedy Reserve 2013. AAA Stand-up 2012


Short & Curly: Who Dunnit?

Ciao Roma, 15.20 02 – 23 Aug (not 12th & 19th)

Cue the ominous music, it’s a crime scene! This mysterious sketch show features the comedy nonsense Short & Curly are known for. Who Dunnit? Was it the short one? Or was it the one with curly hair? What was it that they did anyway?

‘Sketch comedy duo ... don't let any opportunity for a laugh escape’ (List).

‘Infectious energy’ **** (


Stephen K Amos: Talk Show

Gilded Balloon, 16:30 17-23 Aug

Join festival favourite Stephen K Amos as he chats with guests hand-picked from the worlds of theatre, comedy and music.

'Great variety show featuring a diverse range of performers, gloriously presided over by the immensely funny charismatic host' **** (

'Amos has so much ebullient effervescent good cheer ... there is no such thing as a bad hour in his company' **** (

‘He's so sharp that one day he will cut himself' (Scotsman).

‘Provocative, thoughtful and wickedly funny' (Stage).

'Hilarious ... comic genius' (ThreeWeeks).

'Rare charisma' (Independent)


Rhys James: Begins

Pleasance Courtyard, 16:45 30 Jul – 24 Aug

Pointy debutant Rhys James will tell some brilliant jokes, do some incredible poems, raise his eyebrows a few times and then leave. The whole thing will last around an hour, during which he won't check Twitter once.

‘Sickeningly talented young stand-up. He's a super-sharp writer, with a ton of smart, intricately-written jokes and stories where you're never more than a few seconds away from another punchline’ (Time Out).

‘His hit-rate is prodigiously high... A bright future in comedy surely awaits’ (Fest).

***** (ThreeWeeks).

The Telegraph's 18th Funniest Person on Twitter. 18th. That's top 20.


Gordon Southern: Your New Favourite Comedian

Gilded Balloon, 17:30 30 Jul – 24 Aug (not 11th & 19th)

It's the international word clown's 10th solo show. Southern brings a winning mix of HD jokes and stories plus 4G super fast improvisation. Why the title? In 2001 Southern first took a solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe, and a dapper Swedish garage rock band released the album Your New Favourite Band. After a lifetime devoted to quality comedy, he's ready to be an overnight success.

Nominated for Best Comedy and total sell-out (Perth Fringe 2014).

Nominated for Best Show (New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012).

Total sell-out Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011-13


Stephen Carlin: Drink Carlin Sensibly

Canons' Gait, 18:00 01 Aug – 23 Aug (not 11th)

After a hard day at work sit back and enjoy the full flavour of Carlin. Savour that inner glow. Feel that rush to the head. Relish the bitter aftertaste. You may have already sampled Carlin on Comedy Central’s Alternative Comedy Experience. If not you can look him up (I know you guys don’t work all day long!). Warning: excessive consumption can lead to Carlin dependency. Please do not operate heavy machinery while intoxicated with Carlin.

'One of the most inventive stand-ups on the Fringe….. knowingly cynical and hilarious...' (


Carey Marx: Abominable

Canons' Gait, 19:15 02 Aug – 24 Aug (not 12th)

The 'obscenely funny' (, 'unbelievably funny' (Scotsman), 'hilariously demented' (Edinburgh Evening News) and 'excellent' (Guardian) Carey Marx tears himself to pieces and finds he is made of torn pieces. Putting them back together, he makes an abominable mess. This is Carey's abominable look at the abominability of abominableness.

'A brilliant, deeply personal performance' **** (Scotsman).

'Sharp, sweet, cheeky, cynical, romantic and rude as he ever was' **** (

'Supremely crafted comedy' **** (List).

'A comic at his gleeful best' ***** (Edinburgh Evening News).

Directed by Amanda Baker. Winner of Best International Show NZ Comedy Festival, 2009, 2011.


Lloyd Griffith: Voice of an Angel, Body of a Trucker

Pleasance Courtyard, 19:15 30 Jul – 24 Aug (not 11th)

Fresh from supporting Rob Beckett on his sold out UK tour, angelic-voiced Lloyd Griffith 'The next big thing' (FHM) performs his sexy debut show. Really brilliant jokes and some truly incredible singing from this choirboy turned comedian and heartthrob. But don't just take his deluded word for it:

'It's clear from the outset that Griffith has star quality' (ThreeWeeks).

'Griffith in particular was absolutely outstanding' (

'Inherently funny...very neat lines in his comic repertoire' (

So there you have it. Songs. Jokes. A sexy man. Bring your family.


EastEnd Cabaret: Sexual Tension

Underbelly Bristo Square, 20:00 30 Jul – 25 Aug (not 11th)

Bernadette and Victy are not dating. Not technically dating. But they do share a bed– and the cult musical comedy duo are ready to rip the sheets off and reveal their most bizarre, hilarious secrets ever. With an arsenal of cleverly naughty songs and the sharpest wit around, the deviant diva and half-moustachioed musician will seduce you with their uniquely filthy brand of comedy.

'A high-powered Flight of the Conchords dipped in acid and drenched in smut' (Crikey).

'Irresistible' (Guardian). ***** (Time Out).

'Gleefully filthy' ***** (Edinburgh Spotlight).

'Hysterical' ***** (SundayMail).

'Comic genius!' ***** (ThreeWeeks)


Michael Fabbri: Oversharing

Cabaret Voltaire, 20:50 02 Aug – 23 Aug (not 11th)

Michael Fabbri shares stories and thoughts, some of which should probably have stayed in his head. Chortle’s Best Club Comic nominee. Supported Micky Flanagan on his Out Out Tour. 

‘Startlingly insightful’ (Guardian)


Paul F Taylor: The Incredible Paul F Taylor

Cabaret Voltaire, 20:50 02 Aug – 23 Aug (not 12th & 19th)

Tired of being a penniless comedian Paul F Taylor has taken drastic action to turn himself into a humourless money-motivated workhorse. However, underneath the facade a monster lies in wait! 

‘An enticing, dizzying prospect, who whips through a welter of daft, Harry Hill-like ideas and diversions and chucks characters around with the agility of the Pajama Men’ (Independent). ‘Brilliantly funny nonsense’ **** (List).

‘Paul F Taylor is going to rear a cult following of those with refined senses of humour, and you should join us’ **** (ThreeWeeks)


Stephen K Amos: Work in Progress

Stand Three, 21:05 31 Jul – 23 Jul (not 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th)

Work in progress from the maestro of feel-good comedy. Fresh from touring Australia, New Zealand and the UK and recording Life: An Idiot’s Guide and What Does the K Stand For? (BBC Radio 4). 

'It was when riffing with the audience that Amos truly excelled. With a packed venue ready on his side, Amos drew people into his routines; his finely honed sensibility turned innocent remarks into comedy gold' (Herald Sun[i/], Melbourne).

'Warmest comic around, able to riff off a crowd and make them feel good about themselves' (Sunday Times).


Julian Deane: Work in Progress

Ryrie’s, 22:00 03 – 06 Aug

Circuit favourite Julian Deane is recognised across the country for his ingenious punch lines and perfect delivery. Now the award-winning comedian (ITV’s Stand Up Hero) and writer (Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia) brings his hotly anticipated debut work in progress show to Edinburgh Festival.
“deliciously twisted… a stream of seriously good gags… quick, sharply written and endlessly repeatable lines” The Guardian

“it’s just a matter of time before Julian Deane gets a boost up the comedy rankings… His trick is to make you think you’re watching standard stand-up fare, then twisting expectations with sharp, original punchlines” The Independent

“assured and brilliant… Deane is a class apart… a master of hilarious twists and turns” Chortle 


Nick Helm's Two Night Stand in The Grand

Pleasance Grand, 23:00 11 - 12 Aug

Mega monolith Nick Helm is far too busy for a full run this year, but there’s no off switch to this bitch, so armed with nothing but the best rock anthems on the planet, he’s generously agreed to return for two nights only, delivering the sonic dick-kicking that Edinburgh's been aching for. After these gigs the Fringe might as well just go home. All killer. No filler. Don’t f*ck this up.

***** (List).

‘Pretty f*cking amazing...’ **** (Time Out).

‘It ain’t pretty, but it is hilarious’ **** (

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