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Gordon Southern Oz & NZ Reviews

Gordon Southern Oz & NZ Reviews

Gordon will be returning from his tour of Australia and New Zealand at the end of this month. His sellout show's The Kerfuffle & A Brief History of History have stormed the festivals, with critics and audiences alike praising the quick wit and charm of Southern's character.

Reviews for The Kerfuffle and A Short History of History...


After a successful run at last year’s festival, Gordon Southern is back in New Zealand with his trusty sound effects box and unique brand of edutainment-style comedy.  The Kerfuffle is a delightful hour of rapid fire stand up that is an absolute joy to watch.

His material is upbeat, engaging and wonderfully witty with impeccable comedic timing, particularly when he chooses to use his signature “that’s a fun fact!” audio insert.  He also recounts some genuinely heartwarming and compelling stories from his family life which he manages to fit in seamlessly without significantly affecting the energy of the set.

Gordon is undeniably a gifted entertainer and skilled performer …his charismatic disposition, boundless energy and animated storytelling will have you captivated from start to finish.  If you weren’t a fan coming in to the show, I daresay you would leave as one.

The Kerfuffle exudes feel good, is immensely entertaining and packs a comedic punch.  If you enjoy fun facts, jokes about the Royal Family, toy giraffes and just bloody good comedy (with the odd rap thrown in for good measure), you will thoroughly enjoy this show.



I like Gordon Southern. He has three of the most important traits that I believe a comedian should have: he is charming, energetic and genuine. Having enjoyed watching him on stage as part of a line up or solo, I have come to expect that I'll always be left smiling afterwards. 

I am excited to be in the crowd for his opening night show. And so is he. Effervescent as he leaps on to the stage, Gordon beams a broad open smile and without skipping a beat is off on a meet and greet of the room. He gets the giggles quickly adorning the crowd with alternate realities. His banter is openly manic, his face in a permanent happy crinkle…

Altogether a swift hour of honest humour which is executed exactly as it is described it in the programme; a joyfully silly and quick-witted shambles. And yes, I left smiling. 



Gordon Southern likes New Zealand and is happy to keep coming back, which is something we should be very happy about. He bounds onto the stage… and rattles out an hour of constant hilarity in his relatively new show, The Kerfuffle…

It's obvious by the response his jokes garner from the audience that he's a popular and truly gifted comic, with no joke going flat and himself even needing to have a giggle at some of his off-the-cuff jokes. A lot of the humour arises from the openness and participation of the audience - nothing embarrassing or difficult, but the raucous laughter and friendly conversation he has with various people is thoroughly entertaining…

His father, who was not expected to live through December, plays a large part in the show and there are many funny anecdotes surrounding his actions. It is surprisingly touching to hear these tales.

Gordon Southern's performance has little structure to it and he's honest about this as he randomly segues between topics, however there are recurring themes which help bring the show to a resounding finish.  

Overall, the show is memorable for being funny for almost the entire hour. That being said, Gordon Southern's The Kerfuffle is worth the watch if you want an hour's worth of reasonably clean, clever and thoroughly entertaining stand-up. Recommended.



Southern had the audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he walked on stage.

He immediately engaged the crowd, making up random hobbies and back stories for it’s various members…

While his pre-written jokes got plenty of giggles, it was his spontaneous humour and interaction that really had people in stitches.



Just as the seasons have seamlessly rolled into each other ever since time began, so does Southern’s blend of expertly measured sense of logic and art of storytelling...
Regardless of his method it seems we’re now being taken on a journey and you’ll find yourself happily sitting out the ride because when it comes to good natured, well meaning comics there simply is no better to guide you safely to a comfortable, if not a little askew, conclusion.


It was like geek central at the Astor Lounge on Wednesday with the opening nights of two comedy festival shows - one devoted to the Doctor Who fandom and one to the history of civilisation.

Gordon Southern's 60-minute run-through A Short History of History was the highlight of the night and indeed one of the highlights of the comedy festival so far.

The British comedian takes on a challenging remit and delivers on everything he promises in the show's title. But those with an aversion to history lessons need not fear, this is not a list of dull facts picked up in history class at school. It is a lightning-fast run through all the big moments from the time of the Flintstones (it makes sense in context) to the end of the Cold War, which we were told (inaccurately as it happens) would be the end of history.

Southern is a natural comedian and immediately charms his audience with a ready wit and rapid-fire repartee. He peppers his monologue with low-grade audio grabs and graphics, inexplicable outbursts of rapping and clever piece-to-camera style lecturing.

Some of his fun facts may not actually be facts but that just adds to the experience.

He takes us through civilisation from the Phoenicians (the first people to write things down and so the first historians as we know them) and the first joke, to the great advances in science and exploration and the unbridled misery of the 20th century.

Where does he get all this information? Well, he's read the internet "all the way through" so that just about covers it.

Southern's show delivers on several levels - those with an interest in history will watch for where his discourse parts company with the facts, others will enjoy plenty of laughs, others will hope for a gold star when they get a question right, because audience involvement is a big part of the fun. It is even possible to come away having learnt something.

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