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Reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe

Reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe

See what they are saying about Glorious acts at the 2012 Festival Fringe

Phil Nichol **** (The List) 22/8

Nick Helm 'Nick Helm 'Hairy, sweaty and bearded, Nick Helm uses these winning attributes to great comic effect. He has a powerful presence and knows how to keep an audience involved in his slightly surreal world of war and laughter.  ****' (Ed fest Magazine) 21/8

Nick Helm 'orchestrated to perfection' ***** (Fringebiscuit) 20/8

Ian Smith and Tom Toal 'The joy and the curse of Free Fringe shows has to be enduring the worst ones until you find the best. Ian Smith and Tom Toal are definitely in the latter camp.' ***** (Three Weeks) 20/8

Mark Little 'This is a wonderful hour...passionate, political and stupidly funny all at the one time...Go and laugh yourself smart. **** (Kate Copstick, The Scotsman) 20/8

Andrea Hubert in Big Value Comedy's Lunchtime Club **** (Three Weeks) 18/8

Nick Helm 'This is live comedy at its most enthralling' **** (Fringe Guru) 17/8

Nick Helm 'This Means War is another full-on assault on the senses of humour, dignity and pathos. It ain’t pretty, but it is hilarious' ****(Chortle) 16/8 

Phil Nichol  'pure comedy gold' (The Herald) 15/8

Phil Nichol  'packed to the limit with funnies, the audience literally getting sore from laughing so much at his material and his antics' ****(One4review) 

Nick Helm 'an anarchic, hilarious hour from an anarchic, hilarious comic' **** (Fest Magazine)

Nick Helm 'a high-octane, brilliantly silly hour with tons of big laughs throughout.' **** (Time Out) 12/8

Pat Burtscher 'really funny and clever comic.' (Broadway Baby) 12/8

Nick Helm 'Helm has burst up through comedy's rank in the past three years with beautifully overwrought pomp and rage, littered with foul-mouthed self loathing. Last year, he was nominated for a Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award; this year, he's playing to a huge room filled with expectant newcomers. He rises to the occasion magnificently - in the same way a steam locomotive spinning slowly sideways and grinding through a student-union bar can be magnificent. It's noisy, chaotic, slightly disgusting and often terrifying. Brilliant., And, you know, funny. **** (The Sunday Times) 12/8 

Pat Burtscher 'made me giggle uncontrollably' **** (Ed Fest Magazine) 11/8

Phil Nichol  'It’s genius' **** (Broadway Baby) 10/8

Mark Little 'curiously refreshing' (The Telegraph) 9/8

Nick Helm 'razorblade-sharp... terrifyingly enjoyable. **** (The London Evening Standard) 9/8

Nick Helm 'hellishly funny' **** (The Scotsman) 9/8

Phil Nichol in The Intervention **** (The Times) 9/8 

Nick Helm 'original and entertaining' (Broadway Baby) 8/8 

Nick Helm ‘a mesmerisingly volatile, unpredictable and laughter-filled experience’ ****(The Telegraph) 8/8

Nick Helm ‘a mesmerisingly volatile, unpredictable and laughter-filled experience’ ****(The Telegraph) 8/8

Phil Nichol in The Intervention ‘Nichol is very good at projecting a ferocious, helpless anger about himself and his condition that sounds both terrifying and authentic.’ (Michael Coveney, Whats on Stage) 7/8 

Phil Nichol in The Intervention ‘faultless’ (The Stage) 6/8

Phil Nichol in The Intervention ‘Nichol is a livewire presence onstage; dry as a martini and low-key as a beer with breakfast.’ (The List) 5/8

Nick Helm ‘I loved it ****’ (The Times) 5/8

Phil Nichol in The Intervention ’Nichol steals the show’ (Ed Fest magazine) 5/8 

Pat Burtscher ‘Cleverly offbeat ideas...excellent' (Chortle) 5/8 

Paul F Taylor ‘good fun’ (The List) 5/8 

Nick Helm '****' (The List) 4/8

Phil Nichol in The Intervention ‘magnetic throughout’ (Fest Magazine) 4/8 

Phil Nichol in The Intervention ‘worth seeing for the acting alone’ (Broadway Baby) 4/8 

Pat Burtscher ‘ this guy is funny’ ****(The List)  3/8

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