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North by Northamptonshire Series 2

North by Northamptonshire Series 2

Katherine Jakeways' second series of North By Northamptonshire airs on BBC Radio 4 TOMORROW Friday 2nd December @ 11.30am!

Following the huge acclaim of series one, the second series of Katherine Jakeways' Northamptonshire will air on BBC Radio 4 for 6 Weeks from December 2nd 2011 to January 6th 2012 at 11.30am.

Joined by the same incredible cast which graced series one - including Sheila Hancock as the Narrator, Penelope Wilton, Mackenzie Crook, Felicity Montagu and Kevin Eldon - and with the exciting addition of Geoffrey Palmer, North by Northamptonshire promises once again to delight audience and critics.


"RADIO MOMENT OF THE WEEK" Radio Times, 26.11.11-02.12.11

"Don't miss... Sheila Hancock narrates a spikey comic drama drama with a top-class cast in North by Northamptonshire" Radio Times, 26.11.11-02.12.11

"...a finely written comic delight." **** Saturday Daily Mail, 26.11.11

"Full of quiet wit." **** Mail On Sunday, 27.11.11

"Set in a town of 'low hills and high-definition televisions', Middle England enclave Wadenbrook houses a smorgasbord of thwarted dreams and passions. In series two of Sheila Hancock-narrated slice of rural life, spurned wife, Jan returns from Australia, still harbouring her desire for a hen-pecked husband, while supermarket manager Rod uses his tannoy to romance checkout pin-up Tanya. The comedy plays like an Alan Bennett-scripted edition of The Archers." Mail On Sunday, 27.11.11

"...acutely observed comedy, set in rural Northamptonshire...with a mix of poignancy and very good jokes." Radio Choice, The Times

"Seldom has a radio comedy had a more brilliant cast. Penelope Wilton, Sheila Hancock, Kevin Eldon and Felicity Montagu all star in Katherine Jakeways' continuing tale of a small market town, Wadenbrook, where nothing much happens except the sort of thing which gets small towns all over the country excited. In Wadenbrook just now it's a Dickens Festival weekend. Stove pipe hats at the ready, ditto cravats, crinolines and shawls (some of which have also done duty in the cat basket)." Gillian Reynolds' Pick of the Day Telegraph, 26.11.11

"Sheila Hancock, Penelope Wilton and Mackenzie Crook star in the second run of Katherine Jakeways' series set in a market town. The thing about Wadenbrook is that anyone who has ever lived anywhere will recognise what goes on. Even when the town seems caught up in a Dickens Festival Weekend, beneath those mob caps, behind each cravat are people just as obstinate, dreamy, wilful and daft as the rest of us." Radio Choices, Sunday Telegraph, 27.11.11

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