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Holy Flying Reviews!

Holy Flying Reviews!

Here is what the press have to say about Holy Flying Circus.

Holy Flying Circus aired on BBC Four on Wednesday night starring our very own Phil Nichol as Terry Gilliam.

The response was amazing, with a record breaking amount of viewers reaching an audience of over 0.5 million!

With a countless amount of tweets, the show was trending on twitter well into the next morning!



“I don't suppose it will stir up anything like the fuss caused by its subject, but there ought to be a bit of a ruckus about how good it was.” – The Independent

“Tony Roche’s ridiculously funny film pulls off an ingenious balancing trick with its accurate and affectionate pastiche of Pythonesque humour, while looking back at the furore Life of Brian created.” - Mirror

“The climax, a TV debate between a subdued Cleese and an exasperated Palin on one side and Bishop Mervyn Stockwood and Malcolm Muggeridge was as gripping as Frost/Nixon.” - The Times

“What Holy Flying Circus pulled off with aplomb was the feel of a Python show within a show, bizarre fantasy scenes juxtaposed with holy tablets of facts.” – Metro

“There’s plenty of cross-dressing, Gilliam-esque animations and of course, full-frontal male nudity… Comedy’s ability to make light of what people take too seriously is its greatest service and the controversy surrounding Monty Python illustrates this beautifully. Holy Flying Circus begins and ends with the message that even though people will always find a way to be offended by satire it is the necessary role of comedians to poke fun at the world.” – On The Box

“Constantly inventive, often very funny” - The Daily Telegraph

“The quirky comedy drama, which focused on the controversy surrounding the 1979 film Monty Python's Life of Brian, also attracted a good deal of attention on Twitter during its broadcast - with both #flyingcircus and "Monty Python" trending throughout the evening. “ – Radio Times

“deliriously inventive, fabulously energetic, militantly unpredictable… fuel for one of the comedies of the year… Roche and his perfect cast created something that was funny on its own merits as well as a fanboy joy, not stuck in aspic but fresh and sharp – a thing to cherish on the same shelf as those Python box sets… intelligent, heartfelt and dramatic.” – Radio Times

“The weird thing was that although the film was an homage to silly, I am pretty sure Holy Flying Circus did get to the heart of things” - The Times


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