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Glorious Fringe Reviews Roll in

Glorious Fringe Reviews Roll in

Keep checking back here for the latest reviews for Glorious acts in the Edinburgh Fringe.

BRIDGET CHRISTIE/ A ANT: “Bridget Christie is what the Fringe is made for... unremittingly funny... charming... one of the best pieces of character comedy at the Fringe. And stick around for the headliner, she's pretty good too.” **** Fresh Air 26/08/2010

MICHAEL FABBRI  -  FABBRICATIONS: “He is an amiable and engaging storyteller and his tales from various points in his life are liberally peppered with excellent punchlines.” **** The List 23/08/2010


PHIL NICHOL  -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: “Delightfully silly succession of unhinged underworld creeps” **** The List 23/08/2010


CAREY MARX – SCOUNDREL: “Magnificent” **** The Scotsman 23/08/10


BRIDGET CHRISTIE/ A ANT: “Great charm... superb” The Scotsman 23/08/10


STEPHEN K AMOS  -  THE BEST MEDICINE: “audience warming, perfectly honed, professionally delivered material... Amos is a hugely skilled performer, genial and disciple and always in control... clever and outrageously extravagant.” The Scotsman 23/08/2010


STEPHEN CARLIN -  THE PODIUM OF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER: “fine well observed material... an enjoyable hour” One4Review 23/08/2010


PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: “a man whose talent is matched only by lunacy... a joy to watch... An utter joy.” **** Fresh Air 22/08/2010


CAREY MARX -  SCOUNDREL: “Underpinned with strong storytelling, impressive skills... this is supremely - crafted comedy” **** The List 22/08/2010


SEANN WALSH -  I WOULD HAPPILY PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE: "Seann Walsh...a young observational master who combines Billy Connolly's storytelling gift, Michael McIntyre's keen eye for detail and Ross Noble's animated delivery to irresistible effect."  **** -  Steve Bennet, Mail on Sunday 22/08/2010

“a gifted observational comedian... a well rounded, accomplished performer... Undoubtedly a star of the very near future." Scotsman 21/08/2010


CAREY MARX -  SCOUNDREL “hilarious... mischievous... a must see show for any sceptic” **** Chortle 21/08/2010


PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN “As with all performances I have seen Nichol deliver, he puts he heart and soul into it and this is certainly no exception. He delivers a performance that is worthy of the work and the backing band is excellent also. It is obvious that he loves this piece and so he should.“ **** One4Review 20/08/2010


STEPHEN CARLIN -  THE PODIUM OF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER: Stephen Carlin "one of the most inventive stand - ups on the Fringe….. knowingly cynical and hilarious ….delightfully deadpan Scot " Chortle **** 19/08/2010


NICK HELM -  KEEP HOLD OF THE GOLD: “Nick Helm will be the breakout act of this Fringe – or at least he ought to be if there’s any justice. …. It’s a real blast.” **** Chortle 19/08/2010


CAREY MARX -  SCOUNDREL: “Brilliant... a talented entertainer...wonderfully delivered... It is nothing short of heresy if you do not witness Marx’s show” **** Scotsgay 19/08/2010
“must see... He is engaging in his approach and at his very best when his humour heads down the dark route as it does often.” **** One4Review 18/08/2010


STEPHEN K AMOS -  THE BEST MEDICINE: “gets laughs by the bucketload... Watching Amos is flirtatious, comfortable and inclusive.” Edinburgh Festivals 18/08/2010

PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: “The workmanship is undeniable, and some of the lines are bang - on - the - money funny” The Artsdesk 17/08/2010

"Few, if any, Fringe comedy shows have featured the Kubler - Ross model defining the five stages of grief as an incidental theme, but award - winning Phil Nichol loves a challenge. A year ago, the Canadian was ready to pack it in, but his beat poet character Bobby Spade had other ideas. We journey back to 1974 and a seedy jazz club in middle America, where Bobby and his hep cat band The Kerouacians lay down syncopated beats behind an opening flurry of one liners. That is a prelude to an intense, dramatic, musical comedy, a theatrical joyride in the company of Ethel Merman and Edgar Allan Poe. A faithful recreation of a pivotal event in 20th Century cultural history which never really happened. The genius is in the imperfection and that's jazz." ***** The Herald 17/08/2010

“engrossing throughout... it’s a hugely enjoyable work that stands a mile apart from the more regular comedy on offer in abundance at the Fringe.” STV 17/08/2010


NICK HELM -  BIG VALUE EARLY SHOW: “a brilliant and frequently hilarious hour of entertainment... Helm demonstrates he is fast becoming a master at his art with a clever and brave routine ... It's impressive... excellent entertainment value... leaves the audience on a massive high...This is worth every penny.” 4 ½ stars British Comedy Guide 17/08/2010

“Impressive” 16/08/2010 Three Weeks


STEPHEN K AMOS -  THE BEST MEDICINE: “As always with Amos there is quality comedy on offer and the man is a natural comic. ...The performance as always was polished, professional and good value for money as always and it was gratifying to see him on top form yet again” **** One4Review 16/08/2010


GORDON SOUTHERN -  BORDERS: “sharp gags... a very confident, likeable performer.” Edinburgh is Funny 16/08/2010


BRIDGET CHRISTIE/ A Ant: “Her material is well thought out... and she delivers it with style... I would definitely see her again in the future” One4Review 16/08/2010

“quirkily funny ideas... elegant ...The Fringe is a better place for having Christie on it, her bold show bringing a genuine touch of the alternative to an increasingly safe landscape... her finest moments hit highs of genuine brilliance.” Chortle 16/08/2010


PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: “Nichol is a restless innovator... hypnotic” The Sunday Herald 15/08/2010


CAREY MARX -  SCOUNDREL: “a fantastic show … shortage of engaging and hilarious tales.Marx is a standup in the old sense, keeping his audience enthralled with real - life stories and well - constructed routines.” **** Fest 15/08/2010


GORDON SOUTHERN -  BORDERS: “This is the fourth Fringe show from the solid Gordon Southern I have seen and he never disappoints – unexpectedly sharp” Chortle 15/08/2010


PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: “The energy of the performance is incredible; in fact Nichol almost needs to put in a few pauses so that the audience doesn’t miss the gags, trickery and the wordplay in his dark twisted lyrics and warped poetry... the band are all terrific musicians... hilarious.” **** Hotshow: The Scotsman 14/08/2010


PAT BURTSCHER -  FANCY A THREESOME? : “Great” Fringe Guru 14/08/2010


SEANN WALSH -  I WOULD HAPPILY PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE: “a very funny show... Reinforcing his great timing, he throws in some physical action... Seann Walsh is a comedian who can deliver.” **** One4Review 14/08/2010


SEANN WALSH -  FORDY’S HANGOVER SHOW: “The  real skill lies beyond simply sustaining the chat, with both managing to find humour in any topic they settled upon.  Walsh’s bemused lackadaisical approach to the subjects played off perfectly against Forde’s more strident political viewpoint.  There was also a nice little glimpse into the camaraderie that exists behind the public face of performing at the Fringe, with tales of late night exploits and anecdotes about some well - known names.” ***** One4Review 13/08/2010


DAVE JOHNS -  RUPERT PUPKIN COLLECTIVE: “Quickfire gags... All five performers pour plenty of energy into the scenes”  Chortle 13/08/2010


SEANN WALSH -  I WOULD HAPPILY PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE: “Making the humdrum hilarious... Walsh pulls magical wordplay or a perfectly judged physical gag out of the fire.” **** The List 13/08/2010


CAREY MARX -  SCOUNDREL: “intelligent wit... extremely funny.” STV Shows we’re loving 13/08/2010



PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: “Imaginative and hilarious... Nichol’s lyrical skill is so impressive, and his ideas so consistently clever that you find yourself grinning open - mouthed in appreciation, but not wanting to miss anything he says by laughing... a superbly written show... I recommend buying a ticket now, before everybody hears about this hilarious poet and the show is fully booked.” **** Edfest 13/08/2010

“Nichol is a sight to behold” Fest 12/08/2010


MICHAEL FABBRI -  FABBRICATIONS: “offbeat delivery and evocative, quirky characterisations” Fest 12/08/2010


SEANN WALSH -  I WOULD HAPPILY PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE: “destined to be a comedy star ...howlingly funny.....It’s hard to think that anyone wouldn’t enjoy this show... sure be huge, so say you saw him here first” **** Steve Bennett, Chortle 11/08/2010


NICK HELM -  KEEP HOLD OF THE GOLD: “Big presence... charming, very funny and a fine showcase for this young comic’s burgeoning career.... very subtle wryness to his humour... touching, original.” Fest 11/08/2010


BRIDGET CHRISTIE/ A ANT: “The whole show was thoroughly enjoyable. Christie has a talent for both characterisation and writing, painting a picture of her life that is as involving as it is bizarre. Taking experiences that many people can relate to and responding in a way that most wouldn’t dream of, Christie simultaneously thrills and embarrasses her audience." **** Big On Glasgow 11/08/2010


“Triumphant... dark, farcical and referential... It’s how a proper Fringe show should be.” **** The List 11/08/2010


PAT BURTSCHER -  FANCY A THREESOME? : “A razor - sharp routine... Burtscher’s set is crammed with invention... highly effective... engaging” Broadway Baby 11/08/2010


STEPHEN CARLIN -  THE PODIUM OF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER: "Great comic mind... worth seeing" London is Funny 10/08/2010


PHIL NICHOL -  WELCOME TO CRAZYTOWN: "Exceptional performance... Nichol completely inhabits the character of Spade, leering from the stage, with perfect delivery, pacing and rhythm.... It is a great piece of work, sharply written, evocative of the era and genre, mocking yet reverential, and of course, extremely funny... I left with the impression of a slick professional production that it had been a privilege to see." ***** Broadway Baby 10/08/2010


BRIDGET CHRISTIE/ A ANT: “Bridget Christie is an absolute joy. She performs as an outraged ant — she’s a brilliant writer and her stuff is so quirky. There’s nothing gimmicky about her stand up though, it’s just brilliant. “ Shappi Khorsandi. The Telegraph 09/08/2010


PAUL McCAFFREY -  AAA STAND UP : “the triple A in 'AAA Stand - Up' really is an indicator of quality; though you may not know the names  -  yet  -  you won't be disappointed….Paul McCaffrey, was  good, offering a mix of confessional and observational humour…. if you like stand up and fancy seeing some new faces, this is the show for you” **** Three Weeks 08/2010


DAVE JOHNS -  RUPERT PUPKIN COLLECTIVE: “Just one word or a look is enough to send the audience into hysterics. Clearly having as much fun on stage as we are off, these guys are like the coolest uncles in the world after a couple of sherries  -  properly funny!” **** Three Weeks 08/2010




BRIDGET CHRISTIE -  CELEBRITY AUTOBIOGRAPHY: “A particular highlight was James Lance and Bridget Christie’s juxtaposition of autobiographies written by the literary giants that are Katie Price and Peter Andre.” **** One4Review for Celebrity Autobiography 07/08/2010


BRIDGET CHRISTIE/ A ANT : “The material is bizarre, friendly, warm and above all very, very, very funny. She is a gem this woman, she’s discovered a rich vein of distinctive comedy and she is mining it (ant metaphor – geddit?) for all its worth. Watching this comedian is a very special experience and I highly recommend it.” ***** Edinburgh Guide 07/08/2010


NICK HELM -  KEEP HOLD OF THE GOLD: “Boisterous but sensitive in a manner that suggests he's had a bowl full of Johnny Vegas for breakfast” Edinburgh is Funny’s £5 Fringe Top Tips 02/08/2010

TOP 20 SHOWS – Fringe Review

“as skilled with a witty one - liner as he is with a poem or a song” Edinburgh Spotlight

“a strong, accomplished hour about finding life's positives, featuring gravel - voiced songs and inventive audience interaction” Time Out 08/2010

“He is loud, brash and very very funny... thoroughly entertaining ... exceptionally well written songs that, once you get into his style of humour, are not only hysterical but also have a very poignant message to express... A very enjoyable experience overall.” **** Hairline 08/2010


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