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Glorious Praise- Lucy Porter

Glorious Praise- Lucy Porter

Read what other corporate bookers have said about Lucy Porter's recent performances:

"First class, very funny.  It was really good to have someone who had made an effort to understand what we do."

"Lucy was great and very well received.  She had even gone so far as to read up on our specialist subject and not only that - but she got it right!"

"I thought she was great too.  Very funny."

"Spot on!"

Pyramus and Thisbe Christmas Lunch 2018

"Lucy was an incredible host for the 2018 Lifestars Awards, bringing a fantastic energy and enthusiasm to the night's proceedings.  She delivered her hosting role with professionalism, and through her understanding of our industry, brought the right level of humour to captivate and thoroughly entertain our audience executives.  We would have her back in a heartbeat."

Neil Darkes, Lifestars Awards 2018

"Lucy went down very well, she was really easy to deal with on the day and the audience seemed to really like her and she got through the awards nice and quickly, also the audience warmed to her as she had done a fair bit of research."

BCIA Awards 2018

"She was very good and in particular a most excellent compere.  Very skilled and coped well keeping everyone engaged and enjoying the event."

First Mortgage Awards 2017

"She has been an absolute joy to work with and was so accommodating with everything - plus a truly superb comedian!  Our guests loved her."

Guernsey Property and Construction Awards 2017

"Everyone loved [her] comedy and people are still talking about it this morning"

Rodericks Dental Conference c/o Rebecca Bird

"We run events and awards all year round and seek the very best to work with. Long standing fans of this tiny lady with a huge talent, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our event thanks to her expert eye and sharp observations. Lucy had us pegged from the start, leaving guests crying with laughter every step, dancing the light fantastic with a few quotes that have already become legend! We definitely all love Lucy… highly recommend to everyone.

Glorious Management were simply wonderful to work with – every base covered from start to finish, I’d highly recommend working with them to find your next talent." 

The Institute Of Promotional Marketing Awards 2016

"She was simply amazing and sending you both a note today to say thank you properly."

IPM COGS Awards 2016

"The client has just been in touch, wanting to pass on their thanks for this event. 

She's one of their favourites, and they thought she was professional, engaging and funny!"

The Recruitment Marketing Awards 2016

"I know you are away but wanted to formally say how amazing both Stephen and Lucy were on Saturday.  I have done this event for several years and I can honestly say these two nailed it!  The energy that Stephen bought to the show was exceptional and knowing how much he cared was lovely for me.  He is more than a safe pair of hands – he is the only pair of hands….clearly my new fave!  Lucy is the ONLY person in that spot who has kept the audience engaged for the full half hour and a bit more.  What a pleasure to work with two people who added so much more than just their name to the night."

Specsavers Annual Event, with Stephen Mulhern, 2016

"On behalf of the directors of Leaders, a big thank-you and well done on delivering our 2016 conference – professionally delivered and you both have the patience of angels!

It was a great success and we have had great feedback

Please share our sincere thanks with your team"

Leaders Estate Agents, 2016

"Lucy was great we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from delegates that attended. However, I am meeting with the committee next week and we will also be holding a debrief in a couple of weeks time so happy to provide further feedback then.

But thank you once again to Lucy she definitely had the crowd going. Thanks for all your help to Matthew."

The Opal Awards 2016

"Lucy Porter was absolutely fantastic.  A very charming lady who was great company throughout the evening, I would recommend her to anyone who was looking for an after dinner speaker.  I think she represents excellent value for money.

Thanks for all your help with organising this, a very happy customer."

Guernsey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants Annual Dinner 2015

"The client was very pleased with Lucy’s performance on the 4th September, if you can thank her from us!"

Norman Phillips, Manchester Airport Group Annual Awards 2015

"Lucy Porter was absolutely fabulous, she had all of our guests (and myself!) in hysterics – really topped off the evening and made a very memorable experience for all. Lucy  delivered an excellent performance."

Warwick Castle Varlink Limited Appreciation Dinner

"Lucy was great. Very funny and entertaining. She went down very well!"

Partners in Fundraising Awards held at Lords Cricket Ground


"With regards to Lucy - she was lovely. All that we had hoped for - really bright and bubbly and very positive about the event which came over to the audience. 

As it's very scripted she had a lot to get through so her ad-lib parts were brief but she did a really great poem at the start of the ceremony incorporating word play on the different areas of Birmingham which went down very well. Her very quick humour came over throughout her delivery and she stayed smiling until the very end! 

In terms of prep - we had a good phone call with her the week before the ceremony. She was really accepting of our instructions and respectful of our guidance on the tone of the event (do's and don'ts). It was also clear that she had done some research on the event - checked out the website and following us on twitter.  I felt very positive having spoken to her that she was the right person for us and I was proved right on the evening. 

We don't tend to use the same host twice as we like to give each year a different feel but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

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