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The award winning Paul F Taylor is a one of the UK’s most original and distinctive stand-up performers. His unique brand of humour fuses quirky offbeat one liners with surreal and observational flights of fancy to fantastical effect. Paul took home the title of the NATY New Act Of The Year in 2013.

As an avid football fan, Paul recently took part in BT Sport's Football Tonight with George Lamb. Paul has also recently finished shooting on the talking head's show, Animal Antics with Woodcut Media.

Paul has also achieved notable success as a screen writer and actor. Milk! that he co-wrote and starred in, was the ShortCom Jury Select Winner 2015, and was in the official selection in LOCO, Nashville, LOL, Shortwaves, Glasgow and London Short Film festivals. It has also won the Dead Short Film Competition at Leeds International Film Festival 2015.

Battlecock! that he also co-wrote and starred in, made it into the official selection at the BFI London Film Festival 2013.

Paul was one half of the double act, Helm & Taylor with Nick Helm. He is also half of the double act Short & Curly (with our very own Rebecca Shorrocks). Click here to watch Paul and Rebecca's latest short film HOW TO: Internet Porn with Judith and John.


Paul has securing gigs at the most well-respected clubs in the country notching up regular paid work at The Glee, Banana Cabaret, Comedy Café, Komedia, The Frog & Bucket, The Stand, CKP and many more.  Paul has also gigged extensively abroad, entertaining the crowds in Munich, Amsterdam, New York, Prague and Bucharest.

Paul has tour supported for Lucy Porter (2009) and Shappi Khorsandi (2015) respectively as well as MC'd the Laughter Film Awards 2009. Paul has provided warm up for TV shows such as The Week That Wasn't and the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party.



Paul is part of a collective alongside Rebecca Shorrocks that have been making and starring in short films that have had great success in Festivals:


Vimeo's Staff Pick

Nominated for Best Short Film: Century Short Film Festival, 2015

Official Selection: 8th British Shorts Film Festival. Berlin, 2015

Official Selection: Bogotá Short Film Festival. Colombia, 2014

Official Selection: Synesthsia Film Festival. San Francisco, 2014

Official Selection: Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2014

Official Selection: London Short Film Festival, 2014

Official Selection: The Smalls Film Festival, 2013


Nominated for the Deadline Award: 16th Landshut Short Film Festival. Munich, 2015

Winner of the Audience Award: European Independent Film Festival. Paris, 2014

Screening out of competition: Naperville Independent Film Festival. USA, 2014

Premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection: 8th British Shorts Film Festival. Berlin, 2015

Official Selection: Prague Short Film Festival, 2015

Best of London: Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. New York, 2014

Official Selection: London Short Film Festival, 2014

Official Selection: London Comedy Film Festival, 2014

Official Selection: St Albans Film Festival, 2014


Short & Curly: Young At Start, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2018

Short & Curly: A Curly Night In, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Sour Apes, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Short & Curly: Who Dunnit?, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

The Incredible Paul F Taylor, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Paul F Taylor Presents The Greatest Show in the World Ever, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Short & Curly A Ripe Pear, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Paul F Taylor Presents The Greatest Show in the World Ever, Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2013

Short & Curly A Ripe Pear, Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2013

The Pauly Show : Episode One, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

Short & Curly A Captive Audience , Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

The Pauly Show : Episode One, Camden Fringe Festival 2011

The Pauly Show : Episode One,  Brighton Festival Fringe 2011

AAA Stand Up, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

Big Value Comedy Show, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

Grab Your Coat Love, It’s Helm & Taylor, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008 



2016, Film, Teach A Taxi Driver New Tricks, Guide Dogs UK 

2015, Film, Guy, Guy & Doll, Ben Mallaby (trailer

2015, Film, Cat Cats, Ben Tillet and Jake Cuddihy 

2014, Film, Raymond, MILK!, Ben Mallaby

2013, Film, Raymond, BATTLECOCK!, Ben Mallaby

2013, Film, Man, SOUL MATRIX, Prok Chop Pictures, Mark Brennan

2013, Film, The Stag, TIMEHOLES, Grey Area Productions, Ben Mallaby

2012, Film, Jason, SHEMONSTER, Ben Mallaby

2010, Film, Sam the writer, WRITERS BLOCK, Pork Chop Productions, Mark Brennan


The Claudia Winkelman Show, BBC Radio 2



2017, Ident, WICKES,  The Storylab

2017, Commercial, MARMITE, Outsider

2016, Commercial, IKEA, Mother London

2016, Digital Campaign, VOLKSWAGEN, Adam&EveDDB

2015, Commercial, Fun Dude, EMMI FONDUE, Karmarama 

2014, Commercial, The Sofa Ref, SKY SPORT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, Rattling Stick

2013, Ident, Guy, OLD JAMAICA GINGER BEER, The Gate Films

2013, Viral, Computer Nerd, INTEL, Dial M TV

2012, Commercial, Guy, ALPEN EFFORT, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

2012, Commercial, Dave, COORS LIGHT, Puffin Productions

2012, Commercial, Frizbee Licker, FONZIES

2012, Commercial, Lazy Beard, PHILIPS SENSO TOUCH , Biscuit Filmworks UK

2012, Ident, Man, BBC SPORT APP, Red Bee Media

2011, Commercial, Guy, SAMSUNG SWEDEN, B-Reel Films




Short & Curly Young at Start

Young At Start

'Masters of silly, tongue-in-cheek comedy'  Voice Mag ★★★★★

'These two pull you back and forward form sketch to sketch leaving a trail of laughter'  Mumble Comedy ★★★★

'Excellent'  ShortCom ★★★★

'A delight ... Snappy dialogue and original ideas'  The Wee Review ★★★★

'Raw silliness at its best'  Deadline ★★★★

'A deceptively well put-together hour, with Shorrocks and Taylor's chemistry evident from the first bicker'  Chortle ★★★★

"Hilarity at every comic turn - it's a laugh out loud fun fest"  Broadway Baby  ★★★★

Sour Apes

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"Paul F Taylor bursts onto the stage and doesn’t stop until he is wrestled off, after an amazing hour of laughs... Deconstructing classic jokes, and following them on flights of fancy that always stay the right side of absurd, Taylor bounds around the stage, smiling at us as we roar with laughter. Running into the depths of nonsense with twisted logic, Taylor is a comic maverick." ThreeWeeks ★★★★

“[A] flair for the bizarre and ridiculous. Daft, but great fun.” ShortCom ★★★★

 "There's more than a touch of Harry Hill to Paul F Taylor, in the way he can take imaginative, surreal ideas and hone delightfully silly jokes from them.
It means he gets off to a cracking start, with a barrage of twisted one-liners absurd in origin and delivery, that keep surprising, and tickling the audience. Rather delightfully he likens his comedy to the middle aisle of Lidl ‘because there’s a lot of weird shit in it.’
They are whimsical, but loosely based on something real, and he delivers with verve, commitment and a distinctively daft cadence. His tone is a bit grumpier, a bit whingier, than other comics of a similar genre, too, giving him a slightly different place in the comedy firmament.
Words and images are twisted, and there’s a lovely routine about mime, deploying the usual comic trick of taking the action and revealing it not to be what was expected, but ramping up the idea to the nth degree.
After assuring us of his distinctive comic talents with such strong material, Taylor speaks a lot about falling between two stools in comedy. Which he illustrates with two actual stools. On one hand, the club comedian, making a decent living but maybe artistically unfulfilled, on the other, the holy grail of being a touring comedian able to sell tickets under his own name.
Taylor feels he might be getting too strange for the clubs – which would be a sad inditement as once they nurtured acts like Hill – while the tour seems unattainable. And if he can’t make this work he will suffer the ultimate ignominy: a return to an office job.
There’s some irony in the fact that Sour Apes’s troubles stem from Taylor getting too hung up on embroiled in the trappings of this being a show, rather than just an hour-long set. The first 20 minutes – the standard club set length – are brilliant." Chortle

A Curly Night In

“Watching Short (Rebecca Shorrocks) and Curly (Paul F. Taylor) going berserk with costumes, props, home-made lighting and stage effects, piling gag upon gag with unashamed enthusiasm and generosity, is an exhilarating experience.” ShortCom 

"I can definitely recommend this as a good show to start your comedy day." Squirrel

 "It’s completely hilarious and amazing." Broadway Baby 

“Their work teases the crazy side we are encouraged to mask as adults out of hiding, and I'm certain I laughed more at ‘A Curly Night In’ than at any show I saw at this year’s fringe.” Define Arts 

"This double act throw everything at it. With loads of prop, costume and physical gags they keep us laughing consistently throughout." ThreeWeeks ★★★★

Short & Curly: Who Dunnit?

“Quick changes and even quicker wit. The sketches are well written and excellently executed, and the pair create characters who are all entertaining to watch. Overall, it was extremely entertaining and very funny.” ThreeWeeks ★★★★

“The show as a whole is fantastically good fun.” Broadway Baby

“Well-attuned fun.Such Small Portions

The Incredible Paul F Taylor

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Recommended by Jo Caulfield for Broadway Baby 

"Undeniably funny show. Brilliantly funny, a fantastically well-constructed set, Taylor performs sketches and characters alike with a convincing passion." ThreeWeeks ★★★★  

“Brilliantly ridiculous physicality. Theatrically interesting in the most accessible of ways, impressive in it’s simplicity and incredibly funny. Taylor constructs the show brick by brick until something is created that is greater than the sum of its parts. Employing characters with a perfectly pitched mix of dramatic skill and off the cuff." Broadway Baby ★★★★

"Beautifully silly and odd gags, told with frenetic energy that’s sometimes hard to keep up with. His approach is reminiscent of Harry Hill or Steve Martin in his funny years, although Taylor exceeds them both in frenzied delivery. An act where there can either be twelve jokes in a minute, or where one joke can go on to incomprehensible length." ShortCom ★★★★


"At the heart of Soul Matrix is a fine performance from Paul F. Taylor. His deft physical comedy and immediately identifiable persona lend innocence and an easy charm to what could otherwise be a slightly creepy premise. With his crooked smile reminiscent of a more hopeful Jack Dee, or perhaps a less-caffeinated Harry Hill, Taylor is engaging without ever over-reaching. His characterisation of ‘The Man’ is relatable from the outset and free from exaggerated pratfalls or cheap gags." Strangers In A Cinema for Soul Matrix


Solo Shows

"An enticing, dizzying prospect, who whips through a welter of daft, Harry Hill-like ideas and diversions and chucks characters around with the agility of the Pajama Men." The Independent

"Brilliantly funny nonsense." The List ★★★★

“Paul F Taylor is going to rear a cult following of those with refined senses of humour, and you should join us.” ThreeWeeks ★★★★

“A slightly touched idiot capable of deceptively smart subversions of existence. Taylor evokes vivid visual imagery.” The Scotsman 

"For a genuinely distinctive set, look no further than Paul F Taylor, who talks about everyday observations but with a wonderful edge of surrealism – most notably in his section comparing TV chefs to his own methods of cooking. Chuck in some strained, yet inspired, wordplay and the occasional vivid description, and you have an act that’s odd without overlooking the punchlines. He was a worthy winner." Steve Bennett Chortle: NATY New Act Of The Year Final 2013 

“An impressive knack for both observational wit and quirky flights of fancy.” Bruce Dessau, The Evening Standard: NATY New Act Of The Year Final 2013

"The show is brilliant, Taylor's jokes are excellent." Snipe London

"A whirlwind of energy, he applies impeccable attention to detail to his beautifully crafted one liners. Paul is a superb writer and his keen eye for the absurd in everyday life creates some wickedly funny and astute observational comedy." James Mullinger's Comedian of the Week, GQ Magazine 


Short & Curly

“Sketch comedy duo don't let any opportunity for a laugh escape.” The List

“The skits work to hilarious affect.” ThreeWeeks


Helm and Taylor

“Gleeful and insistent silliness.” ThreeWeeks

“A full-on act of shouty banter, myriad props, amazingly laboured puns and exaggerated reactions. Looking like extras from My Name Is Earl, this bombastic duo relentlessly assault the audience with every trick in the book to sell their frankly ropey wordplay. And despite – or perhaps because of – the groansomeness of their tatty material, the sheer force with which they push it becomes the gag in itself. Like Tim Vine or the Raymond And Mr Timkins Revue, all resistance is swept aside by their overwhelming personalities. Some punters will love them with a passion – the rest seem confused by the bad jokes at the core of this unusual, hyperactive act. And that’s probably not a bad position to be in so early in their careers.” Chortle

Paul F Taylor

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