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Gordon Southern is the international word clown. He is one of the busiest comics in the UK playing everywhere worth playing. He is a regular at the world famous London Comedy Store, a resident MC at Edinburgh's notorious Late N Live and a fixture on the global festival circuit. 

A talented actor and award winning writer with critical acclaim for numerous projects, Southern has written for some of the most memorable comedy shows of the last decade.


Gordon is a regular headliner on the UK and international circuit, spending several months every year performing sell out shows in Australia and New Zealand each year. A highly regarded act, he's worked in many exotic & challenging places, including Afghanistan, The Falkland Islands, Kosovo & Liverpool. He's sold out a 700 seat theatre with a solo show in Mumbai, India, headlined the first ever Serbian comedy festival, and has regularly headlined in Singapore, Dubai, Cyprus and New Zealand. 

Gordon made his Edinburgh debut in the highly respected Comedy Zone in 1997 and has since gone on to take up several successful and acclaimed solo shows. The critically acclaimed A Brief History of History received nominations at both the New Zealand Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He has enjoyed sell out runs at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 2011- 2014. His show The Kerfuffle was a total sell out and nominated for Best Show at Perth Fringe 2014.  Gordon also has a Time Out Comedy Award from his days with BBC Radio 4's Cheese Shop comedy sketch team.



2018 A Man For Two Seasons, Adelaide Fringe

2018 That's A Fact That's Not Fun, Adelaide Fringe

2017 That's A Fun Fact, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival

2016 Long Story Short, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2015 Long Story Short, Adelaide & Melbourne Comedy Festivals, New Zealand Comedy Festival

2014 Your New Favourite Comedian, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth Comedy Festivals, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Hull Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival  Fringe

2013 The Kerfuffle, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth Comedy Festivals, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Hull Comedy Festival, Newcastle Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival  Fringe

2012 A Brief History Of History, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth Comedy Festivals, Hull Comedy Festival, Newcastle Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival  Fringe

2011 Free Range, Adelaide & Melbourne Comedy Festivals, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2010 Borders, Adelaide & Melbourne Comedy Festivals, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2009 The Unofficial Gordon Southern Annual, Adelaide Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2007 Stamp Stamp, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2006 The Solutions, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Manchester Comedy Festival

2003 My Drums Hell, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2001 Gordon Southern, Edinburgh Festival Fringe



Sydney Comedy Festival


Isle Of Wight

Serbian Comedy Festival

New Zealand Comedy Festival

Auckland Comedy Festival

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Adelaide Comedy Festival

Brisbane Comedy Festival

Melbourne Comedy Festival

End Of The Road

Byron Bay Big Joke Festival

Cambridge Comedy Festival

Manchester Comedy Festival

Newcastle Comedy Festival

Hull Comedy Festival

Dubai Comedy Festival



Over the years Southern has worked for many high profile corporate clients, writing shows specifically tailored to their needs. To enquire over Gordon for corporate bookings please email Sophie Church at



I Guess That's Why They Call It The News, BBC Radio 4 

The Cheese Shop Presents, BBC Radio 4

Stand Up 2, BBC Radio 2

The Joy Of Sketch, BBC Radio 2

Weekending, BBC Radio 4


Admiral Insurance, voice of parrot, TV & Radio campaign 2004-2008

Carex Washer & Walker campaign 2002-2003


Up Late, ABC Australia, 2016

Stand And Deliver, ABC Australia, 2016

Good News Week, Channel 10 Australia, 2010

Tonight With Trevor McDonald, Topical, 2009

Stand Up Australia, Comedy Channel, 2008

Mischief, BBC Three, 2007

Time Gentlemen Please, Sky, 2000

The 11 O'Clock Show, Channel 4, 2000

Edinburgh Comedy, BBC, 2001

Stand Up Show, BBC, 2000

Comedy Nation, BBC, 1998

The Sunday Show, BBC Two, 1996

Paramount Presents The Cheese Shop, BBC, 1995

Komikasi, Paramount, 1995


Have I Got News For You, BBC


Never Mind The Buzzcocks, BBC

I'm Alan Partridge, BBC 

The 11 O'Clock Show, Channel 4



Moon The Loon, Pleasance Theatre, 2006


The One Ronnie, BBC One (Nominated for a British Comedy Award)

Mischief, BBC Three

The 11 O'Clock Show, BBC Three

Dead Ringers, BBC

Comedy Nation, BBC

Live Floor Show, BBC

Revolver, BBC

Jim Tavare, Channel 5

Sunday Show, BBC

Good Stuff, ITV

Gas, Channel 4

The Big Breakfast, Channel 4

Cheese Shop, BBC Radio 4

Other writing credits include a variety of work for shows on BBC Two, Channel 5, Sky One, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 and stand-up material for other live acts.



A Man For Two Seasons, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019

'He's got more experience than most acts at this festival, as demonstrated through a delivery of bulletproof confidence and gag-rich script' Chortle ★★★★

That's A Fact That's Not Fun, Adelaide Fringe 2018

The Barefoot Review ★★★★1/2

The Advertiser ★★★★

That's a Fun Fact, Edinburgh Fringe 2017

"Gordon Southern is a consummate pro and an hour spent watching this show is certainly an hour well spent. A great way to start the evening’s Fringe going.” One4Review ★★★★

"his latest Edinburgh show is full-to-bursting with comedic gold.” Broadway Baby★★★★

That's a Fun Fact, Fringeworld 2017

"A uniquely conceptual show...guaranteed to make you laugh.' The Australia Times

'Hilarious and thought-provoking...Gordon Southern has perfected the tough art of intelligent, provocative humour...definitely a must-see.' Weekend Notes

That's a Fun Fact, Adelaide Fringe 2017

"incredibly scripted and fast-paced show.” The Advertiser ★★★★

Long Story Short, Adelaide Fringe 2015 & Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

"[Gordon Southern is] guaranteed to have a quality hour of material... It is as always a show not to be missed." One4Review ★★★★

"A master storyteller and highly awarded comic, this globe trotting actor/comedian deserves to sell out his season in the Adelaide Fringe just as he has in Festivals all over the world.

With huge energy, infectious joy and witty inclusion, he weaves his audience into his stories of family, dementia, the perils of shopping at Costco, and colonic irrigations! As observational comedians go, Gordon Southern is on the top shelf." The Clothesline ★★★★

"Gordon Southern is one of those immediately likeable comedians, and not just because of his accent. He’s clever, and has a knack for telling jokes that are fun and honest without stepping over the line." Dirt & Candy ★★★★

Your New Favourite Comedian 2014

The Independent's Festival's funniest: 60 best Edinburgh one-liners list

"This is a fast, smart and very funny show." EdFest ★★★★

"His audience loved him, you will love him too." Mumble ★★★★

"Witty, cleverly crafted and jam packed with comedic gems to suit all tastes. Your New Favourite Comedian is fast-paced, feel-good comedy at its best. Southern's seasoned comedic chops coupled with his undeniable skill as an entertainer make for a solid hour of comedy that is wildly entertaining and endlessly funny." Broadway Baby ★★★★★

"It is little wonder he is as popular as he is. And that's a fun fact." One4Review ★★★★

"Your New Favourite Comedian is an all-round good show for all audiences which will leave you feeling better about everything. It is strongly written, and strongly presented by a well experienced comedian." Whimsical Banana Australia ★★★★★

"This likeable performer's ad libs were quick and clever, covering a range of topics and never really missing a beat." Herald Sun (Best Of British) Australia ★★★★

The Kerfuffle 2013

"The Kerfuffle is an absolute joy and is the ideal early evening feel good comedic treat. It is highly accessible, wonderfully exuberant and will leave you with a big smile on your face." Broadway Baby ★★★★★

"Combines nonsense and spontaneity. Genuinely funny." Festival Journey ★★★★

One4Review ★★★★

"Southern tested out a heap of new material at this year's Fringe - even the gags that fell flat, he turned into a laugh - and some of his best work was the result of witty ad-libbing." Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★1/2

"His spontaneous humour and interaction with the audience really had people in stitches." Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★

"Just as the seasons have seamlessly rolled into each other ever since time began, so does Southern's blend of expertly measured sense of logic and art of storytelling. Regardless of his method it seems we're now being taken on a journey and you'll find yourself happily sitting out the ride because when it comes to good-natured, well-meaning comics there simply is no better to guide you safely to a comfortable, if not a little askew, conclusion." DB Magazine

"The Kerfuffle exudes feel good, its immensely entertaining and packs a comedic punch." Keeping Up With NZ ★★★★★

"A delightful hour of rapid fire stand up that is a joy to watch." Whimsical Banana ★★★★★

"Wins big laughs at every punchline." Herald Sun ★★★★

A Brief History Of History

"Charismatic and charming, you can't help but giggle with Gordon. I wish good old Gordie had been my history teacher: with his fun facts phrased in funny tracts, he could have helped all students achieve top grades; instead, we'll have to settle for top laughs." Rip It Up Adelaide

"Southern's presentation not only packs a punch, but it's devilishly funny. Whichever way you slice it, A Brief History of History is mighty impressive. Essentially, the show is Horrible Histories on crack - and yes, that is as amazing as it sounds. Continually fun and indeed funny at every turn. A Brief History of History is exhilarating, Southern's biting wit and historical satire ensuring a hilarious experience." The Funny Tonne

"Southern presents a breezy, bright and exuberant show that zips along, utterly engaging the audience, entertaining and educating them in a wonderful and manic hour of comedy." The Punch 

"Southern's eminently charming and good-natured and makes for a jaunty, confident guide." Chortle

"One of the highlights of the comedy festival." The West Australian

"An erudite laugh fest." Arts Hub

"An hour of constant hilarity. Clean, clever and thoroughly entertaining stand up." Theatre Review

Free Range

"As the title suggests, his stand-up act rambles loosely across subjects and his smooth, relaxed style is a joy. He feeds off the audience and his machine gun comebacks to crowd banter are bang-on. Southern is a gentle comic and his few digs at audience members were light-hearted. The butt of most of his jokes is himself." The Sun Herald ★★★★

"To be honest, Gordon Southern could say or do almost anything and get away with it. His infectious smile, self-effacing and engaging manner just gets you immediately onside. He's the best of both worlds - the best of British humour with a keen perception of this fair land's quirks. Great show. Final Word: Engaging."

Rip It Up

"Gordon Southern is one surprise packet who through a diverse routine, wry observations and an adorable chunk of self-deprecation manages to rise above the riff raff." The Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★1/2


"Sharp gags [and] a very confident, likeable performer." Edinburgh Is Funny

"This is the fourth Fringe show from the solid Gordon Southern I have seen and he never disappoints unexpectedly sharp." Chortle

Unofficial Annual

"Poetic, clever and joyfully freewheeling, performed by a man with more ridiculous ideas than an entire year's worth of Dragon's Den. Southern is not an act to experience without your wits close by, it would be rather like trying to play Bop It while stoned, but if you've got the stamina, he's certainly got the goods." Chortle ★★★★

Stamp Stamp

"A thoroughly enjoyable and easy going show." EdFest

"A likeable act, good company and skilled at creating a cheery atmosphere, incorporating bizarre audience interjections without missing a beat." Chortle

"Really good and funny. His show is over far too soon for all." One4Review ★★★★

"The unscripted bits were brilliant. You cannot help but like his enthusiastic approach to stand up." Three Weeks

The Solutions

"A hugely likeable performer. One of the funniest things I've seen so far this festival." The Scotsman

"Simply a very strong stand-up set. His delivery is playful, upbeat and relentless. Southern might not be one of the bigger names at the festival, but he is one of the funniest." Chortle ★★★★

"Infectious enthusiasm and energy." The List ★★★★

"If you can make comedy from crosswords, then you've certainly got something. And whatever that thing may be, Gordon Southern has plenty of it." The Herald

"Southern is an engaging comedian with a good line in material. His audience interaction is funny and non-threatening. An hour well spent." One4Review ★★★★

"Magical imagination." Three Weeks

"Endearingly cheeky." Fest Buzz

"Hilarious." Broadway Baby

Moon The Loon

"A good piece of writing, well performed." The British Theatre Guide

"Strong performances from all three of the actors." UK Theatre Network ★★★★1/2 

Other Press

"After an hour in his company, you might indeed be rating him your favourite. Southern is a natural funny-man, he has genuine warmth and charm to go with his lightning quick wit." The West Australian ★★★★1/2

"Top class all round." The Sunday Times

"Razor sharp wit and cavernous imagination." Evening Standard 

"Hugely talented. Very funny." Time Out 

"Worth the admission price alone." City Life

"An energetic mirth making talent that would shame many comics with years more experience. A cracking night." The Scotsman 

"Had the audience in stitches. He told damn fine stories. Personal experiences abounded through his routine and they introduced us to his absurd and sharp witted world. He clearly won many fans." Adelaide Fringe Magazine 

Gordon Southern

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