Artist Profile

Ali Brice

“Are you going to be a comedian?” asked Joe, aged 8.

“Yes.” Ali replied, also aged 8.

14 years later Ali made his stand-up debut and hasn’t looked BACK since! From puns to props to character, Ali has been honing his craft for the last seven years and has demonstrable talent for weird, unhinged characters and lightning fast, slightly unhinged audience interaction!

Now 33, Ali Brice is a man that grew up in Horsham, West Sussex and had a wonderful childhood. He went to university in Kingston in 2005, mainly because it had an incredible Punk Rock scene, where he studied Creative Writing and Film Studies, ultimately getting a Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing that he has not used. At all.

It was at Kingston that Ali discovered Outside the Box a small comedy club that regularly had big names (Robin Williams, Bill Bailey, Frank Skinner…etc) and the very best of the live stand-up circuit. He went every Monday with his new friend and soon to be head of the Weirdos Collective, Adam Larter. It was at OTB that Adam and Ali decided to do comedy. It would take nearly 4 years for Ali to pluck up the courage to actually do it!

Since leaving uni, Ali has been a Copywriter, a Content Manager, a Head of Social Media, was nearly a teacher, but has been funny the whole time!

In 2014 he made his Edinburgh Fringe debut with Eric Meat, a happy-go-lucky, unlucky in love, lonely man from The North who was looking for love by talking to a candle. It got rave reviews and secured him an agent – holy mackerel! His dreams were coming true!

Towards the end of 2015, Ali starred as Graeme in Graeme of Thrones (a Game of Thrones parody) that saw him performing around the world to sell-out crowds in Australia, Canada and the USA throughout 2016 and 2017. 

Ali has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival each year since 2010 and in 2019 performed his sixth solo show Bin Wondering which again drew fantastic reviews ('an exquisite silliness, delivered by a master craftsman." one4review), but also saw him maturing as a comedian - still retaining his trademark audience interaction and madcap shenanigans, but this time combining it with honest storytelling.

Now a regular fixture on London’s Alternative Comedy Scene, Ali is a comedian at home on any stage in front of any audience and a proud member of the Glorious Management roster.